Max Lamour


They said...

“Over the past years, Max´s Creativity training has become a solid building block in Eurogroup´s training offering. Max is an outstanding trainer, unique in the way he develops his training sessions. In this very enjoyable and thorough course on how to use our brain creatively, we learn a great deal on how to generate new and impactful ideas. Attending this course is like starting a journey of exploring and seeing things differently.”
Sonja Kroenung, training coordinator, Eurogroup Consulting

“Max’s training on Creativity has proven to be a unique experience for our teams. Max provides a powerful session which breaks doors and inner hurdles. He gives every participant moments of doubt, and a minute later, trust in their own judgement. Max offers a thoroughly documented course, which makes it all the more interesting, especially for the few skeptical attendees. This session really makes a difference because it connects with business issues too.”
Pascale Bonnard, Partner in charge of training, Eurogroup Consulting